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Bhadwamata Temple

The miraculous healing pilgrimage site on the fringes of the province of Malwa, Madhya Pradesh, located 18 km east from Neemuch. It is a magnificent marble temple of Mahamaya Bhadwamata. In the base of the main Mata’s Statue there are nine Nav Durga Idols. Which are as -
1. Brahmi
2. Maheshwari
3. Kaumari
4. Vaishnavi
5. Warahi
6. Narsinhi
7. Eandri
8. Shivdatti
9. Chamunda

Akhand Jyoti and Mangal Aarti

Near Bhadwa Mata's Idol there is an Akhand Jyoti which is continuously lit for past many years.

Other Legendary Statues

There are many legendary statues in Bhadwamata temple including Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Paarvati, and Sheshshai Statue of Lord Vishnu.

Holy Water Baawdi

This holy place is also known as Aarogya Theerth. As the holi bath in the water of holy water baawdi gives supernatural remedies to the skin diseases.